Carissa and Stu gets married!

When my good friend, Carissa, asked us to be her floral designers for her wedding, I was so excited. Carissa has been a good friend of mine since college and she played a huge part in helping me start Chloe+Mint. 

Carissa and Stu are such amazing individuals but even better as a couple. To be honest, we were kind of nervous doing her flowers. We wanted them to love what we created- and thankfully, they did!

Since a lot of their decor were bright colors, we wanted to go with softer tones for her flowers. For the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids' bouquets, we combined garden roses with Juliette roses and ranunculus. And for the men, we went with spray roses with accents of foliage. The centerpieces' main star were the pink dahlias mixed with hydrangeas, roses and ranunculus. Everything tied in together so nicely, we couldn't have been happier!

After setting up, I was able to join Carissa and Stu as a guest and seriously had the time of my life. Congratulations again, Sturissa, we truly wish you a happily ever after!