Planning a Baby Bash

I absolutely love baby parties! It's definitely an exciting time to throw one for your special cookie. With a clear vision and planning ahead, you can bring the day to life without breaking the bank. 

Here are some tips to planning a successful baby party:

First, decide on your venue. The venue will determine a lot of things before making decisions on the design concept. Think of it as a canvas. You should have a ballpark guest count and also, don't forget to take into factor what time of year it is! 

Next, decide on the design concept and overall theme. Check out amazing blogs for baby parties on 100 Layer Cakelet. And of course Pinterest. But like I tell my brides, don't let Pinterest keep you from having an open mind. Remember that pictures only really showcase images from the day. 

Then comes the details! Do you want flowers? Foliage? Paper backdrops? You don't have to spend a lot. Think focal point!

Will you be printing invitations or sending electronic invitations? Paperless Post has really cute ones, both electronic and print. Make sure you give yourself a few months so that guests can receive the invitations a month out.

I always think that it's a smart decision in investing in a professional photographer. After all, pictures are memories! Feel free to reach out to a few photographers that you like and ask if they shoot baby parties. Or if you have a planner, I'm sure he or she will be able to give you some great referrals.

I just had the honor of styling Parker's 1st birthday. A bunny doll was the first thing Parker smiled at and Julie and Walpa wanted to also incorporate traditional Korean Dol into the theme. We transformed a restaurant into a special space for a birthday party. Julie did a great job in finding cute things from Etsy and we went to the flower mart to buy the flowers. Along with bouncing some ideas back and forth, we were able to put together a really nice birthday party for Parker. 

Above all, remember to relax and take in the moment. They grow up so fast!