getting ready for your engagement photo session

For your engagement photos, we think it's best to work with a photographer that will also be your wedding photographer. It allows for both parties to get to know each other (you want to be comfortable with your photographer and practice your poses and angles). I would advise that couples take their engagement photos 9-12 months from their wedding date so that you can have professional pictures for your website and Save the Dates.

For many couples who are now engaged and have a photographer booked, should start thinking about scheduling the engagement photo session. The thought of a winter photo session shouldn't be daunting. Here is a compilation of amazing outfits to give you an idea of how creative you can be and should be! I think a lot of photographers will agree with me that black (although is tempting) isn't the most ideal color to wear for your engagement photo session. 

Think colors- think of outfits that compliment each other's outfits (it doesn't have to be matchy-matchy). If you have an event planner, ask him or her if they could style your photo shoot. Providing a few props and/ or personalized items will not only enhance your photos but make it unique! 

Happy planning!

xo, C+M team