7 Tips for Anyone Thinking About Proposing Before Summer Ends

After spending time with your partner, you realize just how much you truly love them. In fact, you're so in love that you're ready to take the next big step — marriage.

But before plan your strut down the aisle, arm-in-arm with your fiancé, you have to propose first. The summer season may have passed, but your opportunity to get down on one knee hasn't! Here's a look at 7 tips that will help you ask for your loved one's hand in marriage with success.

1. Choose a Proposal That Suits Your Partner

You may be a big football fan who thinks that declaring you love to your partner on your local stadium's field in front of an audience sets the stage for the perfect proposal. But if your significant other is shy and dislikes public attention, you'd probably want to rethink your original plan.

Whatever end-of-summer proposal you have in mind, make sure that your partner would be happy with how you propose. If your partner is simple, keep your proposal low-key. If your future fiancé loves going big, then you're safe to do the same, too. 

2. Consider the Beach

Nothing is more romantic than walking along the beach with your partner as the waves crash gently in the background. Want to know what makes an evening like this even more gush-worthy? Being almost entirely alone!

The mid-summer beach craze tends to die down towards the end of the season. To guarantee you'll be one of the few people enjoying the ocean on your proposal day, consider taking a mini vacation to one of the nation's most secluded beach locations.

3. Don't Overlook Gardens

In the middle of summer, gardens are gorgeous. But at the end of summer, they're even more breathtaking.

If you haven't decided on a location, proposing at a botanic garden may be the answer you didn't know you needed. Most people can't deny the beauty of flower arrangements they can view while strolling through nature. Plus, the end of summer means there's less likely to be bugs, hot temperatures or an overbearing amount of sun — making it a win-win scenario all around. 

4. Be Mindful of the Weather

The weather towards the end of summer can be unpredictable — to say the least. Will it rain? Will it feel like the Sahara? Or, will there be a nice breeze?

If there's one key component you want to ensure during the proposal, it's comfort. Make sure that you and your partner are properly dressed for the weather — whether you're outside or indoors. It's vital to get the weather report for the day you plan to propose to help make your plans go by more smoothly.

The rain may be romantic, but you don't want you and your partners hair to be soaking wet for the pictures you may have planned for this special event. 

5. Avoid Crowded Spaces

If you're aiming for an intimate and private proposal, location is everything. You may be able to pull your partner to the side and propose away from the crowd, but you won't find too much personal space in an area that typically draws large amounts of people.

Towards the end of summer, certain locations may be fuller than usual. In an attempt to get in a bit of fun before the season ends, you're likely to find crowds in amusement parks, pools and at certain attractions and monuments.

Fortunately, you'll always find it easy to discover a small private space in the woods or at your favorite park — where you can view the sunset together before you give your partner the proposal of their dreams. 

6. Keep the Ring Safe

Since you're proposing at the end of summer, you may be tempted to embark on an outdoor adventure before you pop the big question. But, you don't want to lose or damage the ring nestled in your pocket in the process.

Take precautionary action and consider tucking the ring in a box to protect it against the elements when outdoors. 

7. Timing Is Key 

The end of the summer can be a stressful time. The sun begins to set sooner — which means lazy days spent hanging out at the beach are coming to a close.

If your partner seems stressed, focus on helping them work through their emotional distress before you decide to get down on one knee. You don't want to overwhelm them, so timing is always key when deciding when to propose. The moment should be perfect — which means the timing should be, too.

If you're planning an upcoming proposal, remember to keep these key details in mind to ensure a memorable day. If you're not quite ready, don't fret! Fall proposals can be just as romantic, too.

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