How to Take Envy-Worthy Pictures of Your Engagement Ring for Social Media

If you just got engaged, chances are you’re bursting to share the good news. How can you take the best photo to show off your new gem? While you may not be into selfies or posting religiously to Instagram, the ring picture is a sacred rite all brides must follow. To get the perfect photo, follow the tips below.

1. Paint Your Nails

When you show off your ring, everyone is going to see your nails. Make sure everything looks picture-perfect before taking a snap. Treat yourself to a manicure where a professional can make sure your fingers look stunning, or, do it yourself with an exfoliator, cuticle clippers and your favorite color of nail polish. If you can’t wait, try holding hands with your fiancé when taking the photo to frame your nails out of the shot.

2. Clean Your Ring

Your nails aren’t the only thing that will be getting attention. The ring itself is the star, something everyone will look at and envy. Any ring, new or antique, can benefit from a quick cleaning. Learn to do it yourself at home with a jewelry cleaner or take it to a professional for a shine-up. Once finished, your ring will be sparkling and ready for a photo-op.

3. Remove Other Jewelry

Your engagement ring is the star — don’t make it compete with other jewelry. Additional pieces, especially those with large stones, can skew the size of your new ring, making it seem smaller. If you have any other rings, take them off before snapping a photo. If you have a watch, remove it so it’s not in the shot. When your engagement ring is the star, it will be all anyone will be able to look at.

4. Think About Lighting

To get professional-looking photos of your ring, consider the type of lighting you use. Natural light, either outside or near a window, will help you achieve that ethereal, wedding-like glow. The best times to get outside and take a photo are a few hours after sunrise and a few hours before sunset. The exception to this is the holidays, when you can get away with a darker scene lit by magical twinkle lights or flickering candles.

5. Choose Your Backdrop

Yes, your ring will be the center of attention — but you still don't want to take your picture in the laundry room, bathroom or other ordinary place. To bring your photos to the next level, consider a backdrop that will do your ring justice. Get outside and use the spring’s wildflowers or the crashing waves of summer. If you’re traveling, show off a local attraction, such as the Arc de Triomphe or the Golden Gate Bridge.

6. Create a Collage

Maybe you’ve taken photos of your engagement ring, but you can’t decide on your favorite. Luckily, there are plenty of apps you can use to create a unique collage design that will blow your followers out of the water. One popular app is Canva, where you can design anything from logos and business cards to resumes and fliers. You can also create share-worthy engagement collages, with photo elements like frames, graphics, embedded links and much more.

7. Take Multiple Shots

If you want to take the best photo possible, follow the advice of professional photographers everyone — take lots of pictures. The more options you have to choose from, the more likely you’ll find a shot you’re satisfied with. Play with angles, use different poses and get creative. Ditch the selfie stick and use more professional equipment, such as a tripod, which will prevent camera shake and blurriness. Remember, if you want to take a close-up shot, get closer instead of using the zoom function, as it can make your photo look more pixelated.

How to Take Envy-Worthy Photos

Your recent engagement probably has you riding high and feeling better than ever. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge to take gasp-worthy photos, it’s time to break out the camera and get a few shots of your new bling. The ultimate goal of the picture is to show off your happiness about the future. What’s your picture-perfect engagement story sparking your ring selfie?