congratulations on your engagement!

The holidays are a popular time for many to get engaged. With the start of the new year, setting an organized plan of action will be the key to making sure you get to book with the right vendors and not stress of course!

We've laid out a few bullet points to help you get started:

1. Share the good news! Congrats on your engagement~ your family and friends will be stoked to hear the good news. Ideally, announcing the news in person would be best, however, a phone call would do just fine. Then you can share the news on social media.

2. Put an organization system in place- a binder to hold all important paperwork, inspiration, and contacts will be useful. Currently, we're loving Southern Wedding's The Southern Wedding Planner.

3. Discuss the budget and start saving- it's not a fun process but an essential one. You want to sit down and discuss realistic expectations with your boo. A professional, such as an event planner, can help you allot a certain amount for each necessary category and also help you stick to your budget.

4. Think about your rough guest count. The guest count is important before you start your venue search and it will also help you with your budget planning.

5. Figure out when and where you'd like your wedding to be held.

6. It's ok to dream a little. Sites like Pinterest can help you see all the possibilities out there. However, although it is important to keep an open mind throughout the process, be realistic about your budget. It's easy to get lost while pinning away which will make it more difficult to narrow your choices down and create a design concept that is whole.

7. Start thinking about booking the venue and priority vendors- If you know you are going to be busy or will need help in sourcing venues and vendors, it may be good to work with a designer/ coordinator from the beginning to help you save time and maximize your budget.


Happy planning!

xo, C+M Team