It's Friday, I'm in LOVE!

How could you not fall in LOVE with the Lees?!

We have the super parents, Esther and David

and their four little, adorable ones...


Sammy "She is driven. Even though she's the youngest, she's the most independent and has been the first to hit all her milestones. Her smile is contagious."

Mark "He is our most sensitive child, probably because he's surrounded by mostly girls. He also likes to fake-cry and it cracks me up."

Kate "The oldest of the trio, she weighed the most and had the most hair. She requires the most attention of the three, but I'm sure it's tough work being the leader of the pack."

Noelle "Big sister to the triplets, she was given a tough role from the very beginning. We think she's doing great!  She is artistic, charming, and mysterious. She is a lover of Legos  and a master of her Magna Doodle."


Photography by LK Griffin