It's Friday, I'm in LOVE!

This month, we are featuring my good friend, Ken and his girlfriend, M.J.'s story!

Ken, "It all began on Friday, Feb. 12th, 2010, and I wasn't supposed to go out that night. Thankfully, I did. I had recently broken up with my girlfriend and started my new job and I wasn't in the mood to go out. But my friends dragged me out to the Favela Chic, a Parisian club. The music was great, but it was packed as soon as I got in and wanted to leave. At the opposite side I noticed a girl with beautiful blonde hair and I could not take my eyes off of her. As the crowd grew wild, I ended up next to her and she looked right at me. She was very shy, and had just arrived in Paris from Ottawa University, Canada, as an exchange student studying in France for four months. After the night went on she almost left without giving me her phone number and I could not let such a beautiful girl leave without it. Three days later we had our first date at a friend's restaurant. It started out awkward since we could not speak the same language, but we managed to make it work. The following four months we continued to date but did not speak of what would happen in the future. When the time came for her to leave she decided to stay and spend the summer traveling in Europe. Her last week was spent in Paris and when she left we did not think we would ever see each other again. It was so sad, but the time we had spent together made it such a beautiful story. We ended up keeping in touch while she finished at the University of Ottawa, and after three months she came back to Paris. It was then we decided to have a real relationship and despite the distance we decided to stay together. She became a flight attendant to make the long distance a bit easier, and since March 2011, we commuted between France and Canada spending at least 5 days a month together. Finally, in 2012 I applied for a Canadian working permit and moved to Toronto so we could be together, where we now live together today.