10 Safety Tips for Traveling With Your Jewelry (Keeping Jewelry Safe)

Traveling in style is vital — no matter what the occasion. Whether you're planning a honeymoon vacation, some business-related travel or a spur of the moment road trip, you want to take your favorite accessories with you.

But packing jewelry isn't as easy as tossing clothing into a suitcase. Fortunately, there's a few safety tips you can follow to keep your favorite pieces organized and safe when traveling. 

1. Load Up on Ziploc Bags

Sometimes, traveling needs to be simple. When it comes to keeping your jewelry detangled during a trip, grabbing a Ziploc bag may just be the best spur of the moment option.

Ziploc bags are perfect for every piece of jewelry — rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces included. 

2. Transform Empty Mint Containers

The next time you finish your Tic Tacs or Altoids, keep the container rather than throwing it away.

The amount of ways you can repurpose recycled mint containers is seemingly endless. So, it should come as no surprise that empty mint tins and containers are small and convenient ways to transport jewelry. As an added bonus, they're free — so it's a win-win all around. 

3. Consider Keeping Valuables at Home

It should go without saying that packing all of your most valuable jewelry for a trip isn't the wisest idea. While there may be a few pieces you don't want to go without during your next voyage, try to keep the precious possessions you bring with you to a minimum to avoid losing or damaging your favorite pieces. 

4. Bring Extra Travel Soap Containers 

Travel soap dishes are a traveler's must-have accessory — and not just for obvious reasons. While these cases are great for bringing bar soap with you in a clean and no-hassle way, they also double as mini storage containers for your valued possessions — jewelry included. 

5. Wrap Jewelry in an Added Layer of Protection 

Using a flour sack tea towel provides your jewelry with soft padding that prevents scratching or tangling during your voyage. A simple way to keep necklaces and bracelets detangled is by laying your jewelry out on the cloth and gently wrapping up the towel. Tie the towels at the end with a shoelace, hair tie or any other handy accessory to keep your prized possessions neatly arranged.

6. Use a Pill Case for Earrings

When it comes to traveling with jewelry, why not get creative and use an object you're likely to have already nestled in your purse?

Pill cases are the perfect solution to organizing and transporting smaller, valuable earrings. Thinner necklaces and bracelets are likely to fit in your case with ease as well.

7. Place Necklaces in Straws

When it comes to storing necklaces, the perfect storage product would be narrow and long. What fits this description? Straws, of course!

And you don't have to use plastic straws — which have garnered a lot of recent attention for their less-than-green qualities. Consider using plastic straw alternatives to discover an eco-friendly and durable storage option for your jewelry.

8. Organize Earrings With Index Cards

If you plan to use a different set of earrings for every day that you'll be away, investing in small travel containers for your jewelry isn't going to cut it. If you're an earring-fanatic who can't leave your favorite gems, diamonds and hoops at home, use index cards to neatly keep your earrings safe and in order. 

9. Lay Your Jewelry in Your Glasses Case

Maybe you have a bunch of jewelry to tote around and are afraid that hastily throwing your favorite pieces in your carry-on isn't the best choice. Since eyeglass cases are often hardshell and provide a sturdy level of protection, they're the perfect fit for your jewelry transportation needs.

Since glasses cases have a lot of empty space and aren't as small as other storage options, consider using this case for costume jewelry when on the go.

10. Don't Overpack

Perhaps the most important piece of advice for someone looking to travel with their jewelry is to not overdo it. Take versatile pieces with you during your travels that you can pair with countless outfits. When you lighten your load, it's easier to keep the jewelry that you do decide to take with you neat, organized and safe for future trips.

Preventing your jewelry from becoming a tangled mess while traveling isn't as hard as it seems. With a few of these safety tips in mind, you can accessorize on-the-go while remaining organized, too.

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A Guide for Men Who Never Know What to Buy Their Fiancee by Kacey Bradley

When you walk through life with your best friend and the person you love most in the world, things can be so easy. You end up learning all about each other, what you like and what you don't.

Your fiancee knows you better than anyone else, which means she probably gets you the best gifts too. What about when it's your turn to buy her a present? Even when you're in love, it can be hard to figure out what to buy for her.

Don't spend another minute worrying about gifts. Check out these eight great ideas your fiancee is sure to love.

1. Consider Her Needs

You don't need to come up with some outlandish gift if your fiancee has mentioned or seemed to need something new.

Do her rain boots leak when she steps in puddles? Does her favorite coffee cup have a chip in it? Saving her a trip to the store will add an extra layer to how much your gift means to her. Going out of your way to care for her is the perfect way to show your love.

2. Make a Photo Frame

Everyone posts pictures online, but when was the last time you printed out photos from your relationship?

Get a photo collage frame that matches your decor. Choose pictures of your favorite moments from your relationship and have them printed at a local drugstore.

Picture collages are an adorable gift you can make in a few minutes that she'll end up keeping for years to come.

3. Buy Her a Date

Think about the last time you took your fiancee out on a date. If it wasn't recently, you might want to consider going out as a gift.

Quality time is such a valuable thing to give someone. A date is an especially great idea if you both work long hours or don't see each other too often.

The key to making a date into a gift is to make it bigger and better than a regular outing. You can try something new together, like going ice skating, picking apples or visiting the state fair. Whatever she'd like to do, she'll love doing it even more with you by her side.

4. Purchase Some Flowers

Flowers make a great gift. They are a visual and sensual reminder of your love. 

Some women may think flowers are too cliche, but you don't have to worry about that. All you have to do is pick blooms with different meanings. Ask a florist about the symbolism of each kind of flower, and choose the ones that mean the most to you.

The thoughtfulness behind finding out what flowers symbolize and picking them out yourself is what will really win your fiancee over. 

5. Look for Stylish Jewelry

Giving your fiance jewelry can go one of two ways. If you pick out something she doesn't like or that's cliche, she may end up feeling like you didn't put any thought into your gift.

Make your gift a success by getting your fiance stylish jewelry she'll love. Get her a classy watch if she likes to wear one every day. You can also borrow a piece of her jewelry when she's not looking and ask a jeweler to show you similar items.

How to Make a Statement With Your Wedding's Decor This Summer

Throwing a summer wedding is super fun for brides, since there are so many different ways to enjoy the season and your big day.

Most people would think that a summer wedding would have to be inside with the air conditioning on full blast, but that's not the case. They can happen anywhere, which makes their decor so flexible.

Check out these inspired ideas that are sure to be eye-catching and memorable.

Work With Your Florals

Weddings and florals go hand in hand. Even if you don't prefer traditional bouquets, you probably have flowers as some part of your decor.

If you want to make those flower arrangements stand out even more, check out what other brides are doing with them. One of the most recent trends is to hang florals upside down over the dance floor or buffet table. As long as you have a hanging structure, you can tie any floral arrangement over where people will congregate at your wedding. Play around with how much fauna is worked in with the florals for an even brighter and fuller arrangement.

Drape From the Ceiling

Brides want their venue space to be warm and welcoming, but some areas are so big that it's hard to create that warmth. Drapes can help with that. Brides have started draping fabric from the ceiling, and it can work with any venue space. Tents, rooms and even chic barn spaces look more inviting with drapery romantically hanging over the area.

Choose drapes that correspond with your wedding colors, or go with a classic white that will add elegance to any room.

Hang Edison Bulbs

Rustic chic is coming back around, and it's even entering the world of wedding decor. If you want a touch of this design element, think about hanging Edison bulbs for your lighting. These are exposed bulbs that show the lighted filament inside. They're dreamy to hang around a wedding venue, especially if most of your event will be happening outside.

Be sure to check the bulbs you buy. Some get more heated than others and may not be safe to hang against reception tents for long periods of time. 

Create Interactive Installations

Your wedding guests will be there to celebrate your big day, but they can also easily get bored. This is especially true if they are bringing kids, so create interactive installations to keep everyone entertained.

These can look like an array of things, depending on your theme and location. You can make photo booths with props for guests to play around with or hang a simple backdrop for pictures. 

Make Flower Ice Buckets

Since you're having your wedding in the summer, your guests will want to stay cool. It's smart to provide buckets of ice with drinks in them, but you can dress them up so they make even more of a statement.

All you need is a cooler ice cube mold and fresh flowers in your wedding colors. Cut the stems off and place the flowers in the mold in whatever pattern or direction you'd like. The key to making a flower ice bucket work is to pour hot water over the blooms and freeze for 24 hours. It will be the perfect size to hold wine bottles, beer bottles or even soda cans.

Be sure to set it on top of something to catch the water as it melts, and consider having someone on hand to remove it when it's halfway gone.

Float Flowery Monograms

Another way to get creative with flowers is to use them as floating monograms. Invest in the letters of your combined initials or ones that spell out your last name. Make sure they float by placing them in some water beforehand and letting them dry out afterward.

Once you're satisfied, tie the letters together with fishing wire or thin rope and stick fresh flowers all over them with a hot glue gun. They'll stay fresh for a couple of days, so this craft is best done just before your wedding. 

Roll In the Desserts

After your reception meal is over, everyone will be looking forward to dessert. Why not make your final round of food something that will catch everyone's eye?

Look around at local thrift stores to see if you can find a rolling tray. These will come in many different designs, depending on which era they're from. It's modern yet retro, which is a super popular trend.

Make Everything by Hand

Brides are becoming savvier every day, so more people are taking pride in the parts of the wedding that they made for themselves.

Consider if you could make most of your decor by hand. It'll add a personal touch to your wedding that you won't be able to get anywhere else, and you'll be extra proud to show off those photos after everything is done.

Stick With Your Gut

Stay passionate about how you're decorating your wedding, but don't feel pressured to conform to any trends. You know better than anyone what you want on your wedding day and how you want the venue to look. Think outside the box about how you can use your decor, and you'll be sure to come up with designs that make a statement.

By Kacey Bradley

Modest or Flashy — How to Choose the Perfect Accessories for Your Wedding Day

Kacey Bradley

Some brides have been planning every detail of their wedding day — from the dress to the venue to the jewelry — since they were little. Others need a bit more guidance to prepare the perfect wedding to match their style and tastes. No matter where in the spectrum you fall, many details need to be ironed out before you say "I do." 

One of the final details you'll want to pick, once you choose your dress, theme and colors, are your accessories. Before you start shopping, think about the following points.

  • Gather wedding inspiration. Grab some magazines or hop on Pinterest, and start deciding what appeals to you.

  • On a scale from casual to glam, how formal will the wedding be? Pick jewelry that will be appropriate.

  • Consider the neckline of your wedding dress. For a sweetheart neckline or strapless dress, wear a choker to keep eyes on your face. For a V-neck, consider a pendant or layer a few delicate pieces. If you're wearing a halter or dress with a high neckline, stick to a nice set of earrings.

  • What color is your dress? Silver or platinum look best with snow-white gowns. Gold is a great complement to ivory and champagne-colored gowns, and rose-gold pairs well with a blush-toned dress.

You want your big day to be a reflection of you. Besides matching your accessories to your dress, you'll also want to consider your wedding theme. Based on the style you choose, this guide will help you pinpoint the perfect accessories to match.


Going with a classic theme means you want your wedding to be timeless and something you'll still remember fondly — without cringing — 20 years from now. You want to keep with wedding traditions, from exchanging vows in a church to tossing the bouquet to eagerly awaiting bachelorette parties. For jewelry that matches this aesthetic, consider wearing classic drop earrings with a matching necklace. Wear a belt to add some sparkle to your dress, and choose a matching veil.


Are you looking to evoke a vintage vibe at your wedding? Trying to pay homage to your parents' or grandparents' great love story by recreating it for yourself? Maybe you just love all things mid-century modern or roaring '20s. Find vintage pieces that speak to the era you're trying to recreate. 


You want your wedding to be the event of the year and one that everyone talks about for a long time. Glitzy and glamorous fits your taste, and you've found the perfect ball gown wedding dress to match. Select jewelry that will enhance the beauty of your gown while still making a bold statement. Consider wearing a tiara, flashy earrings and matching choker.


Modern themes are ultracontemporary — chic venues, clean lines and minimalist decor. Find the perfect jewelry to complement your style, and go with the mantra that less is more. If you're trying to add a bit of pizzazz through jewelry and accessories, consider making something old new again. Repurpose a vintage piece of jewelry into something fresh and uniquely you.


A rustic wedding is much more than mason jars, burlap and cowboy boots. They have transformed into boho chic and are the perfect way to theme just about any outdoor wedding. If you're getting married on top of a mountain, at a farm or ranch, or in the open woods somewhere, look for accessories and jewelry to match — but consider toning it down to not distract from the natural beauty around you. Wear a flower crown or throw a few feathers in your hair, and wear a bold cuff bracelet in gold or turquoise. 


Theme weddings are the ultimate way to personalize your ceremony. These weddings aren't always the most formal, but they're certainly more fun. Whether you're going for a nautical theme full of anchors and rope, a Halloween wedding where you encourage guests to wear costumes, an all-white winter-wonderland or even a "Game of Thrones" soiree, find accessories that follow along. This is your chance to celebrate your love and have a ton of fun along the way. It will be an event your guests will never forget.

Your Accessories Reflect You

When it comes to your wedding day, it's important to do what feels right. Finding the perfect jewelry and accessories to complement your bridal look is also part style, part feeling. If you hate the idea of wearing chandelier earrings, stick to studs. If you've always wanted to wear a tiara, this is your moment. When you're happy in your dress and accessories, you'll feel beautiful and confident — and no accessory can top that.